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Betfair Casino Payment Options

The first step to making a Betfair Casino payment requires that you join the casino through registration. Upon doing this, you are ready to make Betfair Casino deposits and Betfair withdrawals. However, you can’t perform any deposits or withdrawals before meeting the following guidelines:

  • You are at least 21 years old.
  • Provide the correct registration information.
  • Upon request from Betfair Casino, provide authentic identification documents.
  • You should be acting as a principal and not as an agent on behalf of a third party
  • You’re not in any of the countries prohibited from participating in Betfair casino.
  • You must have gone through and accepted to stick to Betfair terms and conditions.

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Step by Step Guide to Making a Betfair Casino Payment

The process of making Betfair Casino deposits and withdrawals is short, sweet and simple.

Here is a step by step guide on how to perform financial transactions using the Betfair Casino payment options available on the website.

How to make a deposit

Below is the simple guide of how to make a Betfair Casino deposit;

  1. Login to your Betfair Casino account using your username and password.

Click on the tab ‘Deposit’ under ‘My Account’

  1. Select the Betfair Casino payment method that you would like to use
  2. Finally, enter the amount you would like to load and confirm the transaction.

Betfair Casino has several types of bonuses that they award to their members starting from a lucrative welcome bonus.

On your first Betfair Casino deposit after registering your account, you are eligible for a Betfair Casino welcome bonus that you should take advantage of.

How to make a withdrawal

The Betfair Casino withdrawal procedure is as easy as the deposit process. Here is the Betfair Casino withdrawal guide;

  1. Login to your Betfair Casino account using your username and password.
  2. Click on the tab ‘Withdrawal’ under ‘My account’.
  3. Put the sum you intend to withdraw from the box that you are provided.
  4. From the drop-down menu, select the Betfair Casino payment option through which you would like to receive the sum.
  5. Click on the ‘Withdrawal button’ to confirm the transaction

Betfair Casino Payment Methods Details

When it comes to Betfair Casino payment options, you’ll always be spoilt for choice. There are several options that Betfair presents to you. The options include but are not limited to ACH (electronic checking or direct deposit), credit cards, e-wallets like Skrill, Betfair prepaid cards, PayNearMe and PayPal.

Here is a summarized breakdown of the Betfair payment options for deposits and withdrawals plus the Betfair Casino deposit transaction limits, the charges and time it takes per transaction.

Payment methodMin depositMax depositPayment feeProcessing time
E-Check$10N/ANone10 minutes
Wire Transfer$10N/ANoneUp to 24 hours
PayNearMe$10N/ANone10 minutes
Checks$10N/ANone7-10 Business Days
Betfair Prepaid Card$10N/A$3.7510 minutes
Credit/Debit card$10N/ANone10 minutes

Find the summary of Betfair Casino withdrawal payment details in the following table;

Withdrawal methodMin.


Maximum withdrawalPayment feeProcessing time
E-Check$10N/ANone5 Business days
Check$50N/ANone7 Business days
Wire Transfer$10N/ANone5-7 Business days
Bank Cards$10N/ANone2-5 Business Days
E-Wallets$10N/ANoneUp to 24 Hours

You should also know that the total number of withdrawals is limited to 2 daily for each method and Betfair Casino does not charge any fee for deposit and withdrawal.

However, you may incur some charges as a consequence of Betfair handling too many transactions. Betfair Casino will, however, let you know before they levy any fee on any of your transactions.

The maximum Betfair Casino deposit and Betfair Casino withdrawal will depend on the individual limits set by the Betfair payment options.


Below are the answers to the most common questions asked by players about Betfair casino payment transactions:

1. Are payments secure at this online casino?

Yes, payments are 100% secure since Betfair Casino uses SSL encryption technology that helps in preventing unauthorized users from accessing any of your information.

2. Which currencies are available on the site?

The major currency available for transactions at Betfair NJ is the USD. However, other currencies such as GBP, AUD, CAD, EUR and SEK may be used but may also attract conversion charges.

3. How can I set a deposit limit?

You can set daily, weekly and monthly Betfair Casino deposit limits. You will need to enter the maximum sum you intend to deposit within a certain period.

You then submit your request, and if it makes sense and is within the rules and regulations, the limit will be immediately updated. In case you decide to reduce the deposit limit, submit the request with the revised lower limit.

The request will be approved immediately.

The deposit limit can also be removed or increased. It will take 24 hours from the submission of a request to either increase or remove Betfair Casino deposit limits.

4. What is the customer verification process?

During registration, Betfair Casino will request for personal information including full names, address, cell phone number and social security number. Upon request, Betfair Casino may ask for personal identification documents. Failure to comply might lead to suspension or restriction of your account.

5. I haven’t received my withdrawal yet, what should I do?

In such an instance, confirm your Betfair casino withdrawal details to ensure that all details are accurate then contact Betfair customer support team if the issue persists.

6. Can I cancel a withdrawal?

Yes, you can cancel your withdrawal. All that you need to do is the following;

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on the ‘Withdrawal’ tab
  • Check your pending withdrawal request
  • Cancel the withdrawal request

In case you are unable to cancel the Betfair Casino withdrawal request automatically, please get in touch with customer care. You should, however, bear in mind that only pending transactions can be cancelled.

Customer Service

Betfair Casino Customer Evaluation

Betfair Casino has a helpdesk that provides 24/7 support through email at

You can also get in touch with Betfair Casino by calling 877-689-0662 or starting a live chat between 9:00 am and 2:00 am EST. While the available options are sufficient enough, it would be great if the phone and live chat services were also available 24/7.